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  1. This is a major issue and we should have been warned in an e-mail to registered users. I updated my i-phone on Wednesday and then hit the road to the most important gig of the year on Friday night. Guess what? I couldn't run my Amplify FX100 since the Line6 Remote App wouldn't open on my phone. I frantically reset my phone, rebooted the pedal board, disconnected and reconnected my Bluetooth.......nothing worked. The biggest gig of the year (my band playing for my 40th High School class reunion) and I had no tones rendering my electric useless for the night. If you are making products for performing musicians, you can't let this type of thing happen! At least give us a warning so we can be prepared. This past week (after the big gig) I spent hours doing firmware upgrades and trying everything possible to make things work.......finally checked the forum and found the statement about the iOS issue. I was able to reconnect my board using my wife's i-phone (not yet updated) and downloaded my tones to the patches on the board, so I'm back up and running for now. Line6 really dropped the ball on this one and you folks need to get your act together before the next iOS upgrade. I would also expect a quick resolution for those of us left hanging here with gear we can't use to it's full potential.
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