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  1. WvanHam

    Hx Stomp No Sound

    I can’t check if your problem solving methode could have worked on my HX Stomp, because I have sent it back to the store. Luckily for me the store uses a 120-Day Money-back guarantee. So I wasted time with the Hx Stomp but no money. And the HX Stomp must be in the state of the nosound occurrence situation te be able to check if this solving methode is working. But as I earlier stated after powering off and directly after that powering on again solved on that moment the problem. But does the relay switch in the problem solving methode you used e.g do the relay have to switch in order to be able to change between the normal input and USB input? If that is the case, then the relay is still involved in the cause of the problem and in the solution to solve the problem (temporarily). Temporarily is already stated by other owners of the HX Stomp.
  2. WvanHam

    Hx Stomp No Sound

    I had it updated to the latest firmware before the nosound occurred. If the relays has the function as you stated, switching to the analog bypass when the HX Stomp is powered down, this also implies that when the HX Stomp is powered up that the relay normally switch to the DSP signalpath because that is the relay switching position when using the effects and that is also the switching position you might expect it to be in.The analog path switching position from the relay is therefor not active and that is also the reasonable explanation in the case that if the switching to the DSP signaal path is not working correctly that you also won’t be hearing a dry signal according to the fact that the relay is in the DSP signalpath position. So if the relay has to switch to the DSP signal path, and therefore don’t switch to the analog bypass path, when the HX Stomp is powered up, what would be your guess what is not working? I’m still guessing the relay. But I have already made up my mind and the HX Stomp is going back to the store. I like apparatus that are reliable and I don’t want to be bothered by the thought of a possible unsuspected malfunctioning.
  3. WvanHam

    Hx Stomp No Sound

    I have bought the blue version of the HX Stomp, just a month ago. This morning was my first experience with the HX Stomp's no sound situation. Everything on the display gave the illusion that everything was ok and that the HX Stomp should work properly. I checked the cabling, expression pedals, and switched presets. Nothing helped. So I turned off the HX Stomp and then restarted it. Problem solved and immediately searched on the Internet if more people had this experience. As you can hear, there will be a clicking noise after the boot process is complete. This sound is made by a relay in my opinion. In order to make the boot process run without noise as much as possible, I think that Line 6 used a relay in my opinion to decouple the sound from the outputs during the bootproces. And it is usually the relay components that are causing the problems. The contacts of the relays cannot make good contact for some reason at one time and I think that's what's going on in this problem. Switching off and on again causes the relay contacts to open and close again. And that can solve the problem because it also forces the contact surfaces to be cleaned of impurities. So I think this no-sound-issue is hardware related in the sense of a bad relay contact failure. Reading the experiences from other HX Stomp users, I’am considering to return the HX Stomp and return to an oldschoolpedalboard.
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