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  1. I’m running iOS 11 on an iPad Pro. Bluetooth is connected and I can hear music through the amp, but the Amplifi app says the device is not connected so amp controls do not work.
  2. I see some similar threads on here concerning the input/output levels of the mics on the VX, but I wasn't able to find anything with a real definitive answer. When I'm using the mic to record an acoustic instrument or softer vocals, the output to Garageband on my iPad is barely enough to register on the levels meter, even though I have the sound source mere inches away from the mic and the gain turned up high enough that noise levels are really unacceptable. Is this an issue with the hardware on the VX or am I missing some setting I can change in Garageband or my iPad? Thanks very much, Sean
  3. Interesting thing I'm noticing, however, is that even though it says "Not Charging," my iPad is actually getting more juice. Really slow, but it's charging nonetheless.
  4. If I plug SPVX to my iMac while my iPad Mini is plugged in, it tells me it won't charge. Is that by design? Will it only charge while I'm plugged into a charging adapter? I don't have a wall plug with me, so I can't test to see if that works right now.
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