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  1. To make this absolutely clear, this is a bug on Line6's part caused by how they check for the version number: function volumeCheck() { var result = false; try { result = my.target.systemVersion.ProductVersion >= '10.5.0'; } catch (e) {} if(!result) { my.result.type = 'Fatal'; my.result.title = 'System requirements not met.'; my.result.message = 'This software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above'; } return result; } To compare versions, you shouldn't use a comparison operator with a string as they do but use the System method compareVersions, which returns “-1 when versionA is lower than versionB, 0 when versionA is equal to versionB, and 1 when versionA is higher than versionBâ€. I am not a Mac or JavaScript developer, just a designer, but it should probably be something along if(system.compareVersions(my.target.systemVersion.ProductVersion, '10.5') >= 0) { result = true; }
  2. For anybody who is wondering how to install any Line6 software until Line6 fixes this sadly super-trivial bug, here's what you can do: 1) Download all the Line6 software DMGs you need and keep them handy. 2) Download “Pacifist†(shareware) as zip from its homepage: https://www.charlessoft.com 3) Install Pacifist (though you don't even need to install Pacifist to /Applications as it works from any folder, including your Downloads folder). 4) Open Pacifist and click through the shareware information dialogs. 5) Once you have reached the main menu of Pacifist, click the first entry (Open Package). 6) Select the .DMG of the Line6 software you want to install that you downloaded previously. 7) Disclose the first level and select the .pkg you want to install, such as “Contents of POD Farm 2.pkg". Rather do this with the highest-level .pkg item you find rather than lower-level ones. 8) Right-click and select “Install to Default Locationâ€. Done.
  3. Friends at Line6, I hope you realise that Apple seeded the Yosemite Golden Master early this week. Which means the release is not “soonâ€, it's imminent – within a week or two. I know you must be busy with more interesting and pressing work, but seriously. Fixing the one line of JavaScript in your package's distribution file's volume check function is not that hard. Why isn't it using the native system.compareVersions in the first place instead of faultily comparing strings like that (result = my.target.systemVersion.ProductVersion >= '10.5.0')? Love, a dedicated Mac user of yours.
  4. Hello, I am currently running the Developer Preview 1 of OS X 10.10 Yosemite on one of my machines and POD Farm 2.57 flatly refuses to install on it. I managed to install it anyway using Pacifist, but I thought I'd report the bug (yes, I know, pre-release software etc.). :)
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