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  1. Maybe someone could actually say what percentage of guitarists (or guitars sold) are left handed ? Ten percent of the population are left handed, though I am sure the percentage of left handed players is probably lower. Most guitar shops seem to have fewer than 2% left handed in their stock. Where are the Variax marketing men. The fact that there is no left-handed model almost demonstrates to the world that that Variax is not a mainstream instrument. The majority of successful guitar models have left handed versions. Even PRS make some left-handed models these days (though I’ll probably never buy one because of their previous anti-leftie position), I bet they are selling plenty. I have recently been visiting guitar shops, in two of my last three visits to GuitarGuitar the only other people buying guitars in the shop at the time were left handed! I started playing on a Yamaha Pacifica a long time ago and it is still the best setup, easiest to play guitar that I own, I’d love a new Yamaha made Variax, but instead I just spent 750GB pounds (1000 USD) on a Japanese Strat – plenty of lefty choice there, but almost certainly would have bought a left handed Variax if there had been one – I like DADGAD, Open G and Standard, but I’m rubbish at tuning. I’m about to buy a Helix Stomp and looking at Helix (though I am only a player that just noodles at home and with friends) it is clear to me that, as this stuff gets cheaper, more powerful, more visible on YouTube, modelling in all its forms is the future for guitar gear, maybe with a nutube thrown in for old times sake. Hopefully Yamaha will realise this themselves before my arthritis gets too bad and make a left handed Variax again. PS - I see the usual stuff on this forum about persuading left handed people to be beaten in to playing right handed instruments, but in general getting a left handed guitar (in the UK) is not a problem - if you don't mind driving 50 miles to try a few.
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