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  1. Hey people! I got a HX Stomp couple days ago, still have much to learn and test but so far so good... but there are two things I still havent figured out and maybe you can help me: - When I try to update the firmware (the latest) my computer crashes. This did not happened when updating to the previous one. Has anybody having the same issue? What it could be? I am running Windows 7 ultimate. - I bought this unit with the purpose of playing live direct into FOH/PA and also to a cabinet thru a power amp unit (mooer baby bomb, powerstage 170, etc..) so far the connection to the FOH seems pretty easy, but I cant find any info about connecting to a cabinet thru a power amp unit. Am I missing something? Sorry if these questions have been already adressed in other threads, I dont usually use forums :( thanks in advance for all your help!
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