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  1. You said apple....there's the problem. I don't even need to knew what situations came up to know the problem is the comouters. Attentire folks APPLE IS A HORRIBLE company....never since the birth of that company has apple ever been a company for the customers. Apple is a company for making money for business and stock owners. That's it. The products are MADE to be outdated where you are forced to pay ridiculous amounts to stay up-to-date with the non upgradable products that are 3 to 5 years behind the competition because the design teams at Apple are more worried about taking pre released items from other company's and Jackin em up so they can put Lil to no money into mediocre designs to sell to u for 500% markup. The worse computers on the planet that Steve Jobs was proud to admit was compatible with nothing but apple products. So he could get rich fast and it did. But look what happened . Moral of this book is just wrote...never EVER pass the blame on line 6 because apples crap products don't work with the 6....none of my desktops or laptops have given me lollipop with line 6 . I've praised and pushed line 6 on every musician I've ever met, and that's alot. Still ton this day when it all comes down to it. Line 6 is still the company that endspecializes up on top of all my music situations. Live and recording. Just started my own studio and line 6 is the heart and soul of my process.
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