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  1. Hi, and yes, I compared the output of my Variax with the sound of a "real" acoustic steel string guitar with a piezo Bridge an Fishman preamp, which sounds brilliant - and that exactly was the reason for my post. I don't know what Line6 is aiming at - should the acoustic guitar modeling resemble the "natural" sound of an acoustic guitar or should it resemble the amplified "stage sound"? Since an amplification is required in any case for the Variax, the latter would make more sense, but I think this is not the case.
  2. Hi, it seems to be a common problem how to transform the acoustic guitar models provided by the Variax into a useful sound at a live performance. I am now trying for one year but it's still not satisfying, especially compared to the sound delivered by a "real" acoustic guitar with a decent built-in preamp. When I'm playing the Variax acoustic models, I supply the signal directly into the PA using a DI-Box, since it is not useful to run the acoustic modeling through an E-guitar amplification. Fot this, I have an A/B-Switch on my floorboard. But still, going throuth the PA with the acoustic modeling doesn't create the right sound, it is a "thin" sound without "belly" and very sensitive to heavy strumming, the latter often creating a clipping noise. So one has to strum very gently, which sometimes isn't very much fun. The acoustic guitar modeling aims at the reproduction of a natural acoustic guitar sound like you would get sitting in a room and playing. But what we want to have is the sound we get when we play an acoustic guitar on stage, so the critical thing would be the built-in modeling of a decent acoustic preamp (e.g. Fishman). Any idea why line6 does not do so? Greets from Germany Erik
  3. Dear Line6 engineers, with some eq tweaking, the Variax acoustic guitar models are sounding quite okay and resemble the natural sound of an acoustic guitar (I'm talking of the 1/4'' output of the Variax guitar itself running into a PA, with no Helix or HD500 Board in the signal chain). But for live performances, I think it would be much better to have the sound characteristics e.g. of a Fishman preamp coming from the guitar output, because that is the sound you would expect from an acoustic guitar on stage. Has it ever been considered to implement this option, maybe in the Workbench HD software? Thanks Erik
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