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  1. Thank you guys for your comments. I guess I wasn't clear on what I was hoping for. I'm not really looking for an effects pedal but rather something that would allow me to have amp models with my HX FX since it doesn't have the modelling in it. Not a big deal. I have amps I can use, but I'm sure I can get pretty close with eq and IR's
  2. As a line 6 user ever since the original POD came out (which I still have) I have enjoyed the progression of the product line over the years. I have purchased an original Helix and recently the HX Effects pedal. A recent email from Line 6 was promoting the Amp Farm plugin for DAW's. I own the POD Farm 2.0 and love the sounds. I would like to see Line 6 create and AmpFarm Pedal as a standalone product to integrate with various pedal boards that would allow the used to go direct from their pedalboard to the AmpFarm Pedal to the FOH. Any idea if that would be interesting to anyone or even maybe if it is in the product pipeline? Just a thought. Keep rocking Line 6!!
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