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  1. I just got a g70 receiver cheap....I can see why now, wish I hadn't bothered
  2. Thanks Joel, I have gone in and done that since posting but not tried it yet, will be setting the complete rig up this afternoon
  3. If you select pre amp only on hfx edit it automatically throws up cab and mic settings, are they just there as a matter of course and have no function or do they function, I thought that the idea of pre amp only was to take those details out of the equation
  4. Hi, apologies if this has already been asked but when using the DT amps with the HD500 using the L6 link I understand that the power amp side configures to match the selected amp model but do the preamp tubes have any influence on the modelled amp??
  5. Hi just a quick question I am looking at upgrading to the HD100 mkii I already have a mki shortboard would I be able to use the 2 together for the time being?? Many thanks
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