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  1. Hi all, Got it working by rolling back and re-applying the 2.0 firmware. Cheers! Glen p.s. I'd love it if I could shuffle my music from within the Amplifi app!!!
  2. Hi all, I just updated my Amplifi 75 to 2.0 today - using an iPhone5 with iOS 8.1. Everything seemed okay with the update until I tried to play a few songs - I can pick a song from my music library and it works fine until the song is over. Then the app locks up and I need to restart it. This is happening whether it's a song from a playlist or the main library. I did do a clean boot of the amp (holding down the volume and tone as I turned it on), as well as telling my phone to forget the amp as a bluetooth device before reconnecting. Anyone else running into this? Cheers, Glen
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