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  1. Apologies for what (for many of you) will be a really dumb question, but my Pod Go is 1 week old and this is my first attempt at buying / loading Marketplace patches... Bought two Fremen packs on Black Friday: Ambient / Cleans and the Pink Floyd pack. Pretty sure that I've managed to get the Ambient pack and it's cabs and IR's loaded ok, but just tried to do the same with the Pink Floyd pack...81 presets in total and given that I'd already loaded around twenty Customtone patches to play with as well, I simply haven't got anything like 81 User preset spaces left now... Here's the pretty dumb question then (brace yerselves)...would it be normal to buy a huge pack like the Pink Floyd one and then only load selected patches, swapping them out from time to time if you needed to? I think that this might be an unusually large pack, but from what I've seen most packs offer multiple presets as bundles? I appreciate that I can overwrite factory presets as well, but at less than two weeks into it I'm reluctant to start doing that just yet... Also is the memory (capacity) of the presets expandable or is that one of the reasons that a full on Helix is almost triple the price of a Pod Go? Thanks regards, Tony
  2. Firstly thanks to you all for your input - especially Voxman 55... You've convinced me to hang onto the TLSE and just lose the HX stomp to fund a POD GO...When I saw Guthrie demo the Tonelab he was using a Paisley Tele...a guitar I've always pigeon holed as a one trick pony but he pulled out of that thing were incredible. I agree with a lot of what you've said and they fetch so very little (due to not being current flavour of the month these days) so to all of you thanks for your help - Pod Go it will be funded by the loss of the HX Stomp. Cheers, regards, Tony
  3. Firstly thank you for your two penneth...pretty sure there are 100's of you out there with a lot more experience with this than I have... I already own a Vox Valvetronix SE multi effects after having seen Guthrie Govan demo it at a show (suspect now that what I heard was 85% Guthrie and 15% Vox (none intended Vox...). Also own a Helix HX Stomp...neither of these units have had more than a hour or so use since new! Minded to sell both and get the Pod Go, but I want to be able to rely upon high quality pre arranged patches and artist tones...(Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, David Gilmour, Shadows etc) (yeah, I'm old!!!) I can see dozens of very good options for these for every Helix option (Including many for the Stomp) but seems to be way less for the POD GO...is this just because the Pod Go is so much newer or is this a fact of life the the processing isn't quite full Helix? I can find amp simulation bundles for the Go, but can't seem to find artist patches? thanks for your help - regards, Tony.
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