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  1. I'm also having performance issues after installing Native. I'm using an 8 core 4Ghz processor and 32G of RAM. I've not had any performance issues since this computer was built a few months ago. Running Cubase 9 pro. After installing Native I immediately got clicks and pops and sound dropping out. When I enabled a track to record with Native as a plugin, ALL the sound dropped out after I hit the monitor button on that track. Zero audio output. I could see all the meters on the tracks working, so sound was going through, but the only way to hear it through the monitors was to disable the "monitor" button on that track....which makes it hard to record because I can't hear any sound from the track I'm recording. I even tried to just record without the monitor, just going by what I could hear acoustically from the electric guitar, but it kept freezing up and giving me an error that the audio had dropped out while recording. After I disabled all the Native plugins on the tracks, the problem went away. I LOVE the plugin and I'm excited about it, but it's not really usable on a regular basis currently. I would need to figure out how to resolve this in the next two weeks before I'd be confident purchasing after the trial is up. Mike
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