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  1. Love the idea of the Firehawk FX and tweaking tones on my iPad. I also like the idea of the HD500X. I have tried the whole multi effect unit thing and thought the sounds were a bit processed. I do have the Pocket Pod that I use to practice when I do not want to bother my family at night. I can get some great tones and have run my TS9 into the Pocket Pod and it works well with analog pedals. Is the "Engine" in the Firehawk and the HD500X pretty much the same? I have see the Firehawk and HD500X comparison. For $50 more, I might opt for more functionality of the HD500x. I had thought for sure that the HD500x was going to get a refresh and was surprised to see the Firehawk come out. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated in making my decision on purchasing. :)
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