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  1. I've got PodFarm 1.x installed... You think I can do what I said, use the iLok for that... this way I could use my Mbox2 instead of the UX2. It's a nice, yet old, interface and I know my Mbox is much better quality.
  2. I wonder if I can transfer my license for Gearbox (Toneport UX2) onto an iLok I already own so I don't HAVE to use the Toneport UX2 all the time. I own an MBox 2 now and I know it's a better interface.

  3. I have owned Gearbox and a Toneport UX2 for a LONG time... Here's my question & I apologize if I've overlooked an existing answer to this: Can I transfer my Gearbox license onto an iLok I already own so I DON'T HAVE TO USE THE UX2 all the time? As it stands right now I MUST use the UX2 in order to use all my Gearbox tones. Thanks for any help at all :)
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