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  1. Tried to download some patches off the Custom Tone page. Says I dont have any registered products. Well I do and I'd like to know who or why mine were removed. This is weird.
  2. He said he had bought both packs that i have and only needed the IR's... (Had lost them) I'm guessing he's asking someone else the opposite..
  3. Guy from Italy asking me for Glenn De Luane's ir's but only the ir's. Message is gone now - but I got the screen cap. (attached) I didn't reply as I was busy, but was going to tell him to contact Glenn.
  4. Patch works fine at home at rehearsal. Temp was about 57F that night so heat was not a problem. I'm going with a small ups for the next gig. (I have been out once since then at an open jam - no issue in 3 hours of playing. FW is 2.20 - Like someone else mentioned - not enough in 2.21 for me to go through the hassle of a fw update. (no gigs till after first of year)
  5. im on 2.20 not enough in 2.21 for me to risk the upgrade - Waiting on the next one. Inthe mean time I have no gigs lined up until after Christmas....
  6. I'll certainly get a small UPS and hope that helps.
  7. I played in the country Sat at a festival. 1.5 hour gig. Helix into frfr from XLR out, then line out into FX return on Carvin V3 pushing 2 V30's. They put a mic on one of the V30's Everything is good until I suddenly have no sound.... I look at amp/helix/cables (this during the song) all have power. It really caught me off guard. I finally rebooted the Helix and my sound came back. 3 songs later : same thing. I knew what to do this time, and rebooted Helix first thing. I'm concerned about this. both these lockups occurred before the first 1/3 of the set was done. I had no other problem for the final 2/3 of the set. Outside gig - temp was 57F so I know it didnt get hot. We played at 10pm so no sun. The kicker is: I've played it previously several days in a row at band practice for a longer period of time and no problem. This makes me very uneasy. Any Ideas?
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