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  1. I found the Kemper worked best when you left the EQ flat as intended with the original profile. I always liked creating my own sounds so I felt a bit restricted. With the Kemper you can get overwhelmed with Amp choices, but what you rapidly find is that you will have say top 5 distorted, top 5 clean, top 5 crunch and you keep going back to your favs essentially making huge numbers of amps/ rigs pointless. The weird thing is a lot of the distorted high gain profiles sounded a bit samey? Maybe that's the reality of high gain I dunno :ph34r:
  2. True - to be honest you can use amp sims to make great music, but everyone's searching for the closest thing to amps and pedals in a box
  3. Price wise there's not a huge difference between the Kemper and Helix though
  4. Cheers for the responses, so I'll be able to track via USB with zero latency (i have an i7 with 16gb RAM) Can you also re-amp via USB Thanks again - my Kemper is on the market!
  5. Cheers that was an important query :D
  6. Hello! I've used Line 6 sims for years and after heading off to other shores I'm returning to fold to get the new Terminator you lot are offering. I'm going to get the Helix as soon as I can boot my Kemper, but was wondering if a) the mic preamp is any good for recording vocals for example and can the thing therefore can be used as a quality USB audio interface allowing me to also boot my Focusrite Scarlett. Would it also be possible for example to record two seperate FX blocks/ amps/ cabs simultaneously in my DAW via USB on different channels? Many thanks in advance
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