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  1. Ha you legend, thank you! That fixed it. I previously used Gearbox which was my interface with the UX1 but I lost the original CD and it wasn't available to download, so I am using Pod Farm now which I am new to. But I tried all the buttons and found a dropdown for the input :) Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, I have a Toneport UX1 and it was all working great with the same setup years ago, but I took it all apart when I moved house. Now I want to set it up again. I have it set up so I can record guitar from the Instrument input, so the device and connection is all working. But I get no signal from my microphone. I have a condenser microphone that goes into pre-amp, which has a phantom power switch (I tried both settings). Then it goes out from the preamp into the mic input on the UX1 with the xlr cable. It was working a few years ago but now it isn't and I am not sure why. The mic, preamp, and cables were all new when I last used them a few years ago so I would be surprised if something died, but I have no way of testing anything. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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