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  1. Hello All. Having an issue with the Amplifi Software and Firehawk 1500. I've used this software on 4 different iOS devices without issues. Haven't used it in a month and now Amplifi says "Device Not Connected". The devices see the Firehawk and connect via bluetooth with no issues. The app says something different though and doesn't allow me to change any controls. Things I know so far. 1. Firehawk has the latest Firmware as of 9/27/18 (I updated it) 2. Various iOS devices running both 11 and 12.0 iOS versions 3. Latest version of Amplifi from the App Store as of 9/27/18 (removed the current copy and reinstalled from App Store) I've tried virtually everything. turned iOS devices completely off and on, reset the Firehawk, forgot the devices on iOS and reconnected. It's not rocket science to get this app to work as I've used it many times and connected it to many phones and iPads. Anyone else having issues with this combo of iOS and the app / firmware? Thanks...
  2. Hi all I've search the internet before asking this question but didn't find anything. I'm hoping that's a good thing. I owned one of the first HD500s when they came out. I had the unit for only a few months and the USB port fell apart on it and stopped working. I am very careful with my gear and this pedal never really left my studio. I did read that a lot of the 500s back then had cheap USB ports and that this was a common thing. I was able to return it to guitar center with the extended coverage and sold the new one 6 months later. So... I just purchased a new HD500x and was wondering if anyone knows if Line6 improved the quality of the USB port. Are they more durable? I appreciate any feedback from the experts! Cheers.
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