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  1. I have opened a support ticket with Line6 and it seems to be a problem that is currently investigated in general. In the meantime, someone who's using Reaper told me he has the exact same feedback issue. I hope it's getting solved soon, I want to get back to work and be able to use the product.
  2. Yeah, it's only listed as UX1 and all the ticks are green. I re-installed everything today and updated to the latest versions. Yep.
  3. Where do I find the settings for the driver selection? Turning off the software monitoring helps with the CPU, but not with the feedback. And how do I make the UX1 still work as a monitor when the software monitoring is turned off with the UX1 as the output device?
  4. Hi there. I have recently installed a brand new MacMini (2.6Ghz CPU, 16GB RAM) and worked on a couple of mixes with POD Farm 2.55 with the UX1 set as an output device only in Logic 9. I used the POD Farm plugin for the dry guitar signals and everything worked like a charm. However, I wanted to record some additional guitar tracks in the very same project, so I set up the UX1 as an input device as well. As a result, I'm getting a lot of noise and feedback from the guitar signal. So much, that it's impossible to record a clean track. I have activated the noise gate/s and it doesn't help at all. Turning them off makes it worse, though. The weird thing is, I also tried the standalone version of POD Farm 2.55 with the very same presets and the problem doesn't occur. So in Logic, I tried to bypass the only other plugin on the track (an EQ) and muted all the other tracks apart from the one that I use with POD Farm. The problem remains the same. Also, as soon as I set up the UX1 as an input device, it maxes out one of the cores of my CPU, so it is constantly in the red. I hope someone can help with this, because I need to work with those units/plugins. I record music for a living, so this needs to be figured out. Thanks in advance! :)
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