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  1. I can change models, and the battery is fully charged.
  2. Hello, I was hoping someone could answer a question for me. I have a Variax Standard and running it through a POD HD500 with no issues using the tuning knobs using the VDI cable. However, sometimes I like to connect the guitar using a 1/4" cable into a POD Studio UX1 using a 1/4" cable. Mostly, because I like some of the models in POD Farm 2.5. The issue is that when I connect up my Variax using the 1/4" cable to the UX1, the tuning knob ceases to work and will not change tunings. Is the VDI cable required to do tuning changes on the fly? Is this is hardware issue or a "me" issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the input. I have a PODXT right now and looking to upgrade to the PODFarm, but looking for something portable I can stick in my laptop bag (ala the SonicPort VX)
  4. I was thinking about getting the SonicPort VX instead of a POD Studio interface. Does the SonicPort VX work in PODFarm2.5 the same way a POD StudioUX1 or UX2 would? Then that would save me the money of buying a condenser mic, too!
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