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  1. Totally understand on the price. :) Thought of that after I posted. I believe we had maybe 20-30 beta guitars all together. So very few. And if you mean an 89 with a chrome instead of black chrome bridge, maybe 2 or 3 max.
  2. Thanks Tony. Yeah, I am having a blast over here. :) Miss you guys for sure.
  3. Most likely that is from a year before we launched the JTV guitars. So early 2010. I think the only thing that changed was the color on the bridge. Otherwise it has all the killer stuff the USA has. How much did you grab it for?
  4. Where did you find it? It is a US prototype. Many of the early builds had the Korean pickups to Tyler's specs.
  5. Right on, for anyone curious, I lived on the west side right on the Big Sioux River almost right in between Sioux City and Sioux Falls. :) It was my pleasure. It was good fun.
  6. All is great. Yeah long time no talk. :) Hope all is well with you and for that matter all you guys.
  7. It has been truly amazing. I had a full circle moment when I did the surround stem mix and master for Def Leppard's Viva Hysteria. I bought Pyromania when I was in basic training at Fort Benning GA. I bought a Walkman, Pyromania and Thriller. :)
  8. Ha, that was super fun. :) I do have an LD400 at my church if I ever need the firepower. I am waiting for Line 6 to do more bass models for the HD Pro. Then I might by on of their StageSource L2 and use that for a light portable rig. BTW, I saw Abe Laboriel rocking an L3 just jacking his bass straight in and it was pretty great. I am too much of an Ampeg guy to love that clean of a clean though. :)
  9. Hey guys, I left Line 6 back in May of 2012 and actually, I decided to leave in March 2012 but hung out to help finish up the JTV stuff and some artist commitments. I left to be a full time mix engineer. You can check me out atwww.rev4audio.com. If you look at my employee profile blog you can see that I was mixing as a professional hobby. http://blog.line6.com/2011/employee-...omer-advocate/ Well, back in 2012, I was saying no to mix work that I shouldn't have and realized it was time to do it. My kids are grown and taking a leap of faith seemed right. It has been amazing. So many great experiences already. I still go to NAMM and Amp Shows and the like. Still in the industry. I, of course have many great friends over at Line 6 still. I just wanted to jump in here and let you guys know that in my travels, people always tell me how you guys miss me in here. I do miss interacting with you guys. Many of you have become friends outside the virtual world. Thank you guys for the kind words. If you hear of people needing mix work, keep me in mind. I use POD Farm 2.5 and my POD HD everyday while I am mixing. My M9 is on my pedal board and I sold my SVT because my LowDown Studio 110 is the amp I will grow old with. Peace, Rich P.S. I saw Amplifi for the first time when you guys did, and then checked it out at NAMM. I love it. I am going to get one. It is exciting to think about what could be coming. I am excited for the future of Line 6. __________________ Rich Renken Mix Engineer Rev4 Audio
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