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  1. DarkSlash

    How do I use it with UX1?

    It was that. Thanks!
  2. DarkSlash

    How do I use it with UX1?

    Do know what you mean with "arm", what I did is select FX and then VTS3 -> Helix. What Im thinking is that may be the Helix Native is not the problem, but using UX1 with REAPER. Im actually using it with Cubase, but 32 bits version, and Helix Native only supports 64 bits.
  3. DarkSlash

    How do I use it with UX1?

    I downloaded Helix Native, and I tried to use it on REAPER but I get no sound (of course Record Monitoring is ON). I have the TonePort UX1 and the configuration from the attached image in REAPER. What I need to do to make it work?
  4. DarkSlash

    ok, new JCM 800 gives virtually perfect Slash tone

    Can you post a video/audio comparing original JCM800 from the pod hd to the remastered one? Im also looking for a slash-like tone and I'll decide if I buy the pack or not! :)
  5. DarkSlash

    Pod HD500X and Toneport UX1

    I recently bought a POD HD500X and I have a Toneport UX1. How should I use both things? Should I connect the guitar output from the POD to the UX1? Should I use the POD directly from USB and not through UX1? What's is the right way?
  6. DarkSlash

    DT 50 emulating Marshall?

    Thank you! And what do you mean with unlock? Amp algorithms are already there but Line 6 locked them? I'm buying a POD HD500X, do I need any special cable to connect them? Because I saw the back of the amp and the L6 link input is a different than regular cables
  7. DarkSlash

    DT 50 emulating Marshall?

    Hello! May be I'll buy a DT50, and the problem is that I can't try it first. So I was asking if anyone has a DT 50 COMBO if can post videos of that amp amulating a Marshall. I'm a big fan of Slash sound. What is your oppinion regarding this particular emulation? Thanks!