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  1. Thank you each for your help! I think ultimately Parapentep70 has nailed the issue. I'm so used to working with virtual amps that I wasn't even thinking in 'real life' response. Pretty much any sim I've used didn't have this issue, but I've also not been using IRs. Two IRs, going with one amp, or using stock impulses on the helix are the solution. Thanks guys!
  2. I am using spdif out into a presonus firestudio, which is feeding my monitors.
  3. Absolutely, man. It's based off one of the presets called "Almost not Fair", but it's been changed a heck of a lot. I've attached the screenshot (it's hard to see the actual text, but it shows the order), and if you'll forgive my playing I've also uploaded a very short mp3 so you can hear the phasing issue as well, but you'll have to paste it into your browser. (clyp.it/qcq4jsax) printscreen.pdf
  4. Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I decided to spend my lunch break trying a few different things and I think I have found the issue. Almost all my patches that I've created have dual amps for my distorted sound, and it seems that this phase issue is present but very slight with the stock cabs. Replacing the stock cabs with an IR seems to be bringing the issue more to the forefront (using an Angl Meteor and Brit 2204). Creating a new patch with just one amp does not produce the same phase issues. Is this anything either of you have experienced and do you have any potential things I should try? Thanks again for your help! -Joe
  5. Hello All! Despite being a guy who has used Line 6 gear, as well as other modeling software/hardware for about 15 years, as records FAR more frequently than playing live, I'm fairly new to using impulse responses. This afternoon I decided, after a year and a half of owning my Helix, to download some freebies from Ownhammer, as well as some other supposed hi-quality freebies. First off...WOW, talk about bringing the guitar sound 'to life'! I use Helix the most these days, but before that (and after the Pod Live and HD500), I was a big BIAS fan. Using an IR gives the Helix that same feel that the stock cabs don't seem to quite capture. The issue that I've experienced with all of the IRs, however, is that there seem to be some type of phasing issue. This isn't noticeable at all when playing rhythms or playing single notes low on the neck, but becomes very noticeable when playing single note lines higher on the fretboard. It is as if a few seconds after hitting a sustained note,the high end cuts off as if there were a phaser on. At first I thought this was just maybe due to a poor quality impulse response, but given that I've tried a variety if responses, some from high quality manufacturers, the issue persists with all impulses, and isn't as prominent when playing multiple notes or doing double-stops, but is definitely there when using single-string notes. I'm also using the 2048 option for length of IRs. I'm wondering if there is something I have wrong for settings, whether it's something inherent in using IRs, or whether I'm doing something wrong. Any advice, insight, or help would be appreciated! -Joe
  6. Thank you for your help, those are all very helpful suggestions!
  7. Hey everyone, So, I've got a patch with 4 snapshots. 3 have got the Wah off as default and set as Exp 2 (with Exp 1 as a volume pedal), so that engaging the toe button on the pedal turns the wah on. One of the snapshots should be set up with the wah already engaged. However, when I set that one up and turn the wah on, Exp 1 is still selected. Changing this to Exp 2 means that when I go back to a different screenshot, now the default is Exp 2 and the other patches aren't functioning right. I'm sure I'm missing something simple - does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Joe
  8. Thanks for your help, guys. I really appreciate it. So, after continually trying to install different versions of the firmware, and older one worked eventually and then I was able to successfully install 2.0. however, when I import a bundle or even try to drag and drop presets in to the editor (I now have the latest version), it does nothing but change the patch name. The patch itself won't update. Any ideas on that one?
  9. Do YOU a favor? Ha! You are the one doing me a favor by trying to help. It isn't letting me insert the picture here, so here is a link to it: https://www.mediafire.com/?baq7z2can33awhz
  10. Well, it finally let me (apparently) roll back to 1.01.2..but then just goes to a black screen....
  11. Editor V 1.09 is what I've been using to get these results, unfortunately.
  12. Thanks for the response, Glenn! In the last few minutes I tried to revert to V 1.012, which also wasn't successful. When I try to hold down the buttons you said, I get this: https://www.mediafire.com/?3dpq5u50eyndf5q, followed by a screen that is blank and with jibberish in the middle line. It doesn't change after that.
  13. I put this in as a help desk ticket, but figured I'd post here in case anyone had any ideas... I got the 2.0 firmware 2 days ago and had practice today. All went well until a few hours in, when a few major issues came up. At one point, I switched to a Glenn DeLaune patch and while the Helix switched to the preset, it wouldn't switch off of it (all buttons just didn't respond at all). After a restart I tried it again, and the next time it was a different preset that caused the same issue. This required me to eventually reset all presets and load a saved bundle. This resulted in the same issue after I tried switching to either of the previously mentioned presets. So, I factory reset the unit again and individually dragged critical presets from the Helix editor window to my desktop (not including the preset that was causing the problem). Next, the issue was that I would set up the Exp 2 setting for controlling wah, and this would work, but after switching to a different preset and back to the patch I had saved the Exp 2 setting for, it still wasn't working. I have now used the L6Updater 1.09 to try to reinstall 2.0. This resulted in a boot failure message. I then tried V.1.12 as a rollback and this also wouldn't install. I now have no use of my Helix unit. Does anyone have any advice on how to continue? Thank you, Joe
  14. joetink

    Glenn Delaune

    Agreed. I bought a few patches from his site several months back, and clearly he's a wizard. There's no other way to explain his genius other than that.
  15. And that's the crazy thing - I right click and hit 'disable', and it does absolutely nothing.
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