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  1. I knew it, Powercab 112:)
  2. In a WDW set up with 3 POWERCABS 112 Plus contected to Helix what are the options to changes the POWERCAB settings from the Helix? Is it done via a splitted MIDI signal from the Helix or via the Line 6 link or anyother option? I don’t dare to order before I understand how it is done.
  3. After reading the recomended thread (thanks) above it is obvious (at least to me) that Line 6 should make a tailored version of Firehawk 1500 the "Helix edition". With the high number of Helix sold it would be an easy winn (and I will buy one directly :)).
  4. The big success of Helix (also Kemper and others) makes the interest for FRFR amplifiers growing. Line 6 has already Firehawk 1500 but there are many questions in different FB groups and other forums if Firehawk is the optimal choise for Helix. I think that Line 6 has a big opportunity to sell a lot of amplifiers to a new market segment if they took Firehawk 1500 and removed the Firehawk effects and optimized the amp for Helix FRFR W/D/W. Or is Firehawk 1500 already optimized for Helix? If so, shoulden't Line 6 market Firehawk in that way?
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