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  1. How do I determine the resolution? I've downloaded some free ir's and they load fine...
  2. Only tried one source so far. Literally got the thing today. Paid source (Ola Endglund) so would expect it to work?
  3. Can anyone gimme some guidance on why I am getting an error when trying to load .WAV format ir's? The error reads "2. Out of memory condition"
  4. What connection method would produce the best results when connecting my 500x to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4? Current just using 1/4 jack from left mono into input 1 of the 2i4 but would XLR produce a better result, if so, would I need to use 2 cables or will just one do?
  5. Looking into this a bit further, it seems to be happening after I have switched to the HD500 Asio Driver in the VST Audio System options in Cubase. Do I simply download the latest ASIO4ALL driver?
  6. I've got an ongoing issue with running my 500x directly into my laptop (Asus X55u running Win 10). Seems like a USB issue causing BSOD. I've been unsuccessful in finding any fixes online so I'm considering just buying a new USB interface, probably a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and just run the POD into that. Does anyone use a similar setup and does it work well? i.e no latency or loss of sound quality? Also, are there any other interfaces more suitable than the Focusrite?
  7. I'm posting here as I cannot find a conclusive solution to the issue that I have been facing since purchasing a new Asus, Windows 10 laptop. Details as follows; Laptop - Asus X556U running Windows 10 POD HD500x Cubase AI6 So, the POD is installed with the latest drivers and works flawlessly for playback and when setting it as an output device in Cubase device manager. The issue arises when trying to record, so, setting POD as the input in device setup under the VST Audio System dropdown. It sometimes happens within seconds or after a few minutes, I get the blue screen of death and Windows begins startup repair. I've found some threads in various forums talking about similar issues but not this exact example. I have considered downgrading to Windows 7 as everything worked fine on my previous laptop but I'm reluctant in case this is a hardware issue and not actually related Windows.
  8. Hi guys, I've had my HD500X for a few days and have just had a go at creating a dual amp patch using a couple of high gain amp models. I started by selecting the first amp and tweaking the tones to my liking. I then added the second amp with the intention of doing the same. In this process, I switched off the first amp so I could only hear the one in path B, however, this amp (Treadplate in this case) is very quiet, you can just faintly hear the distorted tone but you can still hear the dry signal much louder as if there is no amp selected. I then re-enable amp A and that is doing it too. I'm hoping it's just user error as I have upgraded from the X3 Live which had several issues and had to go back for repair more than once, so, I hoping I'm not having the same bad luck with this one!
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