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  1. I can't figure out how to start a new string, so I'm posting in this one. I've got an AMPLIFI 75 that just died. It was working fine until I plugged a FBV Express MkII into it. After that, when I turned on the power, the pedal lights flashed on and off briefly, but the amp didn't work. The four preset LEDs were dimly lit up, but the bluetooth light didn't come on, and the volume LEDs around the main knob were unlit. I unplugged the foot pedal, recycled the power, and got the same thing. Just the four tone LEDs weakly flashing. No sound, no lights around the volume knob. I did some reading on Line 6 web site and found I could reset factory presets by holding down the volume knob and tone buttons simultaneously while powering up. No help. The amp seems dead. It does make a slight speaker pop when I turn it off, so I know there is power, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas about what I might try before I return the amp (it's only been used for a week)?
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