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  1. brysonjk

    Helix locking up

    Fortunately it was covered. I have since sold it and moved to helix native.
  2. brysonjk

    Helix locking up

    Sorry guys I didn’t see any notifications from this post until today. I ended up sending mine back to Sweetwater. They replaced the main board. I think I has a failure in or around DSP processor 2.
  3. brysonjk

    Helix locking up

    Thanks. I have reinstalled 2.91 and left it fully factory. Then switched from the default tone, Fender tone I believe to another one and back again a few times and it locked up. I have a support ticket in. I hope they can help.
  4. brysonjk

    Helix locking up

    I have submitted a support ticket for this but wanted to post it on the forum just in case someone is having or has had this problem. I have a JTV-69 connected to the Helix using the digital cable. The Variax has the most recent firmware. Randomly the Helix locks up and/or stops outputting any tone. This happens mostly when switching patches, or snapshots. I can power cycle the helix and it returns to normal for a time. I have upgraded to 2.90 then 2.91 and tried downgrading the 2.82. I have factory reset the Helix as well. Nothing seems to work. Sometimes I just lose the 2nd DSP path, and if I remove the connection to the 2nd path I can get output again. Is there a wait time I need to let elapse prior to changing patches? Is there something wrong with my Helix. It has locked up on very simple patches and ones that are at the upper limit of the DSP. I have tried to find something to recreate the problem, but the only way I can get it to lock up 100% of the time is switching patches rapidly. This also happens without any USB, or guitar connected, leading me to think the problem is the Helix. It also occasionally locks up on boot, stopping at the Helix screen that shows the red progress bar. I originally thought it was a bad patch or something I programmed but I can't find anything. The patch that I'm primarily using is "Lonestar PwrCab.hlx" and "Acoustic Variax.hlx" from CustomeTone. I have had it lock up on factory installed patches as well. Please help if you can.
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