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  1. Thanks, Joe, that's what needed to know. I appreciate your response. I'll submit a request. I love the product, an being able to do this would be gravy. Happy New Year, G
  2. Hi all, I'm super excited about being able to use the Amplifi as a recording interface. Thanks to the Line 6 team for adding this feature. Is it possible to record just the unprocessed signal, using the amp itself as a monitor with some on-the-spot processing? I'm using Logic and POD Farm and like to be able to tweak tones after the fact, if possible. Thanks Gary
  3. Here's a message that I just got from Line 6 support: Hello, This is a bug which we have identified and look to fix in a future release. There is no release date for this, but we are aware and working for a resolution in the future. ----- So, they're aware and working on a fix.
  4. I've had a support ticket open for while now. The Line 6 tech said that they'd been in contact with Apple and the Apple said that the 10.0.1 update was supposed to address the issue, but it didn't help me. FWIW, they'd asked me to perform the following steps to completely uninstall/reinstall. I'd be interested to see if anyone else had any luck using this process. Please don't do this unless you've got backups or feel comfortable with the steps: ---------------------- -Throw away all versions of POD Farm 1 or 2 applications to the trash from the Applications/Line6 folder. -Manually search in the following locations and delete any of the files found from within each of these folders: -Library/Audio/Plugin-Ins/Components -Library/Audio/Plugin-Ins/VST -Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers -Library/Frameworks (look for L6WXTG and L6WXTY.framework and delete them) -Library/Application Support/Line 6 -Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins -(Username)/Library/Application Support/Line 6 -Applications/Line 6 -User/Documents/Line 6 -User/Library/Preferences (Line6 preferences, should be something like com.line6.xxxxx, etc. Delete.) -Empty the Trash. -Next, go into Applications/Utilities and launch the Terminal application and type the following commands at the prompt: cd // (then press the enter key) cd /private/var/db/receipts (then press the enter key) sudo rm -i com.line6* (then press the enter key) -Enter your Mac OSX account password. Note: you will NOT see the cursor acknowledge any characters being input; you will need to type your system password correctly and hit "Enter"! -Type Yes to every option/question to remove Line 6 software components (there will be a good number of confirmations, FYI). -Repair disc permissions using the 'Disc Utility'. -Restart the computer. -Download and install POD Farm 2.56 from the link below: MAC POD Farm 2.56: http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5703 Once POD Farm 2.56 is installed, close all other applications and launch the Line 6 License Manager application and de-authorize and re-authorize your UX1 making sure to 'remove' and 'install'. Close License Manager and than open Garageband and try again to insert POD Farm 2.56 as an effect. -----------------------------
  5. I did run the license manager again, but to no avail. New GarageBand is not making me very happy right now. At. All.
  6. Same problem here. I have two amps and a few bass amps, like it's a limited version. I used monkey to get the latest update and nothing.
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