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  1. Nice Music Man! I am also trying to get to a point where my needs are covered in as few guitars as possible. I've just about got it to that point, but I know I want a Sustainiac and I'm still missing a guitar with a FR trem. I'm planning on picking up a Schecter to cover those two needs. I usually just cut out and build whatever I need, but the parts list I had in mind for that particular build gets pretty close to what it costs for a similarly equipped new guitar. I'm also looking at a Shuriken to fill the rest. After that, I'll reassess and sell off everything I'm not going to use. I have a bass and three self built customs that I'll not be parting with, but the rest will be sold off. I want to be under five guitars and two basses. Between those, Guitar Rig, my Zoom multi, and a new Helix - I should be covered for a while.
  2. That's about what I thought the answer would be. Looks like I'll be adding another guitar to the pile. Darn. Thanks for the replies, folks!
  3. I did a few searches, but I couldn't find a definitive answer, so.... Has anyone discovered how to recreate the continuous sustained note/harmonic/feedback produced by guitars with Sustainers and Sustainiacs in a Helix floor unit? I'm going to revamp my guitar line up and it would be nice if I didn't have to buy an extra guitar to get that effect. Would a Variax equipped guitar make a difference in this instance? Thanks in advance!
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