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  1. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    I am definitely curious about your first impressions. Please let us know, thanks...
  2. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    It says class D in the specs so it should not be very heavy. It says light weight so It should be between 20-25lbs However, as far as I can tell, it needs a slave amp to be stereo.
  3. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    I wonder if I can play a trio jazz gig with the 75 watts version. Drummers behave in jazz usually since there is an acoustic bass player but when there is a sax involved it won@t be enough in a quartet situation :(
  4. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    I don't get why this amplify should be this heavy. Why not use a class d power amp. Same combo could have been around 20 lbs...
  5. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    If I could stream audio from my iPad thru Bluetooth what stops me from opening a channel from GarageBand and use the modeled amps from there since I like the clean versions of fenders and voxes better from GarageBand. :)Wow thanks
  6. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    OK. I have not thought of that. It has a stereo in? What kind of adaptor would I need? The specs are not complete then. It says 1/8" in for iPod and other stuff. Are you suggesting that I could get a Y cable with 1 trs 1/8" jack on 1 side and 2 x 1/4" jack for line out from hd500x? I guess that could work but it I could not jam with recordings then which is not that important for me. They say nothing about weight in the specs though. Thanks a lot
  7. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have heard someone play thru this with his hd500x http://www.roland.com/products/en/AC-60/ I thought it sounded wonderful. It has no tweeters but it sounds great. It's just that if Line6 made one with the right connections, then it would be great.
  8. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    True but I like 12" speakers. I had a princeton and I had put in a 12" speaker in it and It became 40 lbs. I want to stay around 20lbs or less. Acoustic Image makes those kinds of amps why not Line 6 with the right inputs and speakers? All they need is a Class D power Amp section.
  9. yavuzj

    What Amplifi Hd Should Be Please Read

    What if you could get a good sound out of a light-weight amp? :) That is what I am after...
  10. I am 47 years old and I have owned many different tube amps including the heaviest twin reverbs and marshals in the past. I have owned a POD X3, Pod HD 300 and most recently I have picked up and HD 500x. I have many reasons to use an amp modeller but one of the is the most important reason. WEIGHT!!!!! Modelers are easier for me because I do not want to cary an amp. Very few jazz musicians can afford a roady. This guy makes light weight cabs http://www.flitecabs.com/guitar/ But they are not powered. He makes them from graphite I think. But amps with digital power supplies should only add a few pounds to the WEIGHT. If Line6 could make an FRFR amp that has L6-link connection, and that weighs around 20-22 pounds, I would buy it in a heart beat. I think a lot of people would do the same if we could see a graphite made Amplifi that has 200Watts power and that weighs around 20 lbs. I do not see the point in carrying a 45lbs amp if I am using a modeler. So, DTs do not make sense to me. I can always carry my HD500x w/o an amp and use the P.A which is what I do mostly but a light-weight powered amp would be perfect for a small venue. And Line 6 why not spend a little more time on your clean tones. Apple Logic's clean tones ( both fenders and Voxs ( are much better sounding ) Not all your customers use heavily driven sounds. I use mostly clean tones except occasionally some light overdrive tones.