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  1. Sorry I'm sure this answer already exists, but i got frustrated trying to find it lol All i want to know is if i were to purchase a new hd500 is there a quick easy way to transfer all my old presets onto it? Perhaps with just a midi cable or usb? Also what if i upgrade from the hd500 to the hd500x? Will my old presets be compatible? I've had my current one for quite some time now and I'm very used to it and it worked great until recently when it started having minor glitch issues. Such as the tuner wont stay on, like it will switch back to live mode while I'm in the middle of tuning. Also sometimes it won't turn on when i plug it in, the screen just blinks and it makes a repeating popping sound through my amp. Very nerve racking when we are about to take the stage and and my entire set depends on if the thing is going to power up or not lol So i just want a new one, but i dont really want to have to start from scratch, i would like to keep all of the tones I've spent years working on. Thanks
  2. Basically, I just want to run a head to the speakers and bypass the preamp. There's 2 jacks on the back that say speaker outputs, left (8ohms) and right (8ohms) can I run my head into those? I tried running into one of them because I only have one speaker cable at the moment, but it didn't work. If I can't use those jacks, and I have to install a new one, will it work if i solder the wire to the same tabs that already have the wire from the preamp attached to them? Or would I have to detatch the existing wires? I can provide pictures if this isn't making sense. Thanks
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