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  1. Acker

    Helix as Audio Interface - deactivate displays

    Okay, then let me put the question more "serious". Is it safe to have the Helix powered 8-12 hours a day? Because with the M9 and M13 for example the displays sometimes got "blurry".
  2. Hi there, I'd like to use the Helix as my USB Audio Interface and therefore it will be powered on all the time. It would be great if there is an option to deactivate all the displays (scribble strips, main display, LED rings...) - when I'm working on other stuff and just want to listen to music I really don't need all those blinking lights ;) Best Acker
  3. Acker

    Dt50 1x12 Combo Into Head Conversion

    Hi! Ok - I could go that way. But I'm thinking of customising the own build head (chassis) - my question is more about: is it possible to remove the amplifier from the combo chassis without too much hazzle (are there screws e,g,) Thx Acker
  4. Hi! Would it be possible to remove the Amplifier from the chassis and turn it into a head? Because it is so f+++ing heavy. DT50 1x12 Combo. Thx Acker
  5. Hi! Would it be possible to put really heavy strings on the variax and still use the piezo features? With really heavy I'm thinking of: 012", 016", 020", 038", 052", 060" or something like this. So that I can tune down the Variax very low when using the magnetic pickups.
  6. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    https://soundcloud.com/ach-eron/match-eq-test Just a simple Metal Riff
  7. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    I don't think that audacity is capable of this. But you can try Ozone for 10 Days for free: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/download.asp I will do a little test and upload my results
  8. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    Hi again! Well I will try to match it as close as possible with my ears. Yesterday I did some experiments with the Ozone Match EQ. It is disgusting: you can make it sound exactly the same. So I just need to get close and do the rest with a plugin.
  9. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    Hi! Thx for your tips. What about a plugin like a frequency analyser. Could this help to actually "see" where I need to make changes?
  10. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    Hi! Thx for your reply. I actually don't want to copy a sound of a certain player. I have an recording here done with an amplifier (6505) and no I want to get the pod hd sound as close as possible to this.
  11. Acker

    Howto Copy A Certain Sound

    Hi guys, I need your help. Do you have some tips for me howto to "copy" a certain sound? I tried it with my ears, but am not very successful. Are there any tools that could help me?