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  1. Didn't work... Different adaptor plugged straight into the wall. Seems like I'll have to bring it into the local distributor and hope they can troubleshoot or service it. Line 6 hasn't responded to my ticket yet!
  2. i have raised the request ticket but have not heard back yet... fingers cross for my evening test
  3. Plugged it in the first thing in the morning after not powering up for the night. No sound... I'm really quite lost on what happening. Anymore advices? I happen to have 2 original adaptors... I'll switch it over to the other 3 pin adaptor straight into a wall socket this evening after I'm back from work. However the last time I did that it was not working as well... I have a gig this Friday and is running out of time... This is upsetting...
  4. sorry whatndo you mean do not use AC? My country uses ac power... so the power adaptors that came with it ought to be ac too.
  5. Intermittent connection or loose cable was the first thing I suspected... not in this case.. I noticed there is an option for Jacks, but there's nothing to adjust there?
  6. Thanks a lot. i will try this once I get pass this problem I have!
  7. Thanks. As this is 'new' set. I didn't have to backup any presets. I followed the rest of the steps you mentioned except for re-calibration of the pedal, as I wanted to narrow it down to just having sound first... Your note of the setlist renaming from global reset explains why I am now seeing differences in the patches where I have not seen them before. So this makes sense as well... To date, I can draw a few conclusions from my very painful troubleshooting process... It's not a hardware failure and there is no hardware fault with the unit The firmware is flashed correctly There is nothing wrong/no difference with flashing it from Mac or Windows Global reset is done properly and the patches are now correctly named There is nothing wrong with the input setting under View There is nothing wrong with my guitars or cables There is nothing wrong with the output jacks The consistent failure is with the intermittent input jack having no signal when it is supposed to.... That draws me to one more hypothesis... Because it worked this morning after 5-6 hours of no power up, and then again earlier after 5 hours of no power up.... I am now guessing the problem to be with the power adaptor instead. Are there reported incidents of power supply causing problems with the unit? I have it connected to a power extension with a 2 pin plug (where I live most electrical plugs are with 3 pins). I have turned everything off and will try again after some hours, maybe tomorrow morning to see if it works again.....
  8. Another update... and guess what.. the sound came back again after I switch it off for more than 5 hours. Here is what I did Before thoroughly giving up on it, I did a down + power up and reflash the unit with a Windows laptop + another pair of USB cables. The unit has no other cables plug in besides power and USB during the flash After monkey's notification to unplug it, I let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. The LCD was still showing "Updating Flash..." when i power it off and on again. Monkey then showed successful Unplug the USB cable, i did a left + power up Tested the unit - no sound Gave up and ready to send it in... turn it off for about 5 hours. The power socket out of which the power extension in which the power adaptor was plugged into was turned off. After 5 hours... Turn it back on after seeing BillBee's post above... Check View and the inputs Checked the patches and noticed this difference from my earlier post. It now shows Best of HD Songs/Style FX Heavy Bass/ACQ/VOC LGlink <-> DT Variax (This was not there before .. was user 1) user 1 user 2 and the sound came back! I have absolutely no idea what is happening with this unit... it works at times, and sometimes it doesn't. It is definitely not a hardware problem. Observations: I was not able to do a pedal calbration of 0-255. I get funny results, like 34-255 or 9-255 or something like this. Anyone knows why?
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. Is there a website that shows how to use the diagnostic page? I can't seem to find any information in the Line 6 website as well...
  10. Thanks that is good information. With this i can rule out the assumption that it's a flash that went bad. I have checked the inputs to be guitar + aux + variax. I have not done the pedal calibration because there is no guitar signal detect at all.
  11. I tried this.. but couldn't get any sound out of it
  12. Update: Flashed it with a windows machine + a new cable using all ways... 1. left + bootup and flash 2. right + bootup (on Flash option) and flash 3. down + bootup (into Update Flash) and flash All flash attempts ended up with Monkey saying that I can reboot it.. but the LCD showing "Updating Flash..." and never really showing successful. Rebooting it shows firmware has been updated on both Monkey and the unit itself. Still.. no sound and no guitar signal. I'm quite sure now that it's not a hardware problem - because it worked this morning in all it's glory. Can someone from Line 6 please help? I have raised a ticket... I'm short of throwing this thing into the bin
  13. i tried it once amongst the multiple re-flash attempts. Didn't seem to make a difference. I will get a new USB cable and reflash it again through Windows but i am doubting if it really makes a difference.. Question: When updating the memory, does the unit actually say that update is successful or does it stay on with "updating flash" even after Monkey instruct to reboot it?
  14. Something weird happened.... This is what I did in the morning after having the unit switched off for the night Plug in a 3.5mm jack into the mp3 player and retested the output jacks (L/R/Phones) with my phone playing music through. It worked as yesterday Plug in my guitar into a 6.3mm to 3.5mm convertor and plugging that straight into the mp3 jack. Sound came out as if it's a mp3 player. I am expecting this as well Plug in the guitar into the guitar-in jack. It worked unexpectedly. This wasn't working yesterday after my firmware update. Fooled around with the unit again and tried some patches Switch guitars, switch cables.. all working UBS is plugged in, 1 cable out to the amp, 1 cable in from the guitar Blissfully thought that my troubles are gone.... Plug out all the cables and power it off Power it back up again No sound.. AGAIN! Switch to tuning mode, no signal again Re-did the same steps that I did this morning to no effect Back to square one What's going on?!! Some observations I refreshed the memory again last night bring it back up to 2.6. The patches seems different Can't find the U2 (Edge) delay patches anymore under Songs/Style It shows Best of HD Songs/Style FX Heavy Bass/ACQ/VOC (This was something else before when i had it on 2.36) LGlink <-> DT (There was user 1 before) user 1 user 2 user 3 When the USB cable is plugged in, there is a hiss sound coming out from the amp. When it was working this morning, I didn't noticed the hiss sound When I power up the HD500, there will be a 'crank' sound coming out of the amp. This is similar to my XT Live before. I don't think this is normal? Should I suspect the USB cable? I tried unplugging it and turning it on, it doesn't work as well Are most of you using Mac or Windows to update? I might re-do the flashing again with a new cable and through Windows. Any help or suggestion is welcome.... this is upsetting...
  15. I didn't do a pedal calibration because the unit it not receiving a guitar signal at all. If I go into tuning mode, there is no guitar signal detect.
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