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    Worst amp ever?

    Hello guys, I found a solution to make the spider V app work on ur pc: Install remix OS. It's an android based operating system. U can dual boot: so you have the option between windows 10 en remix OS. Make sure you do the installation correct (i'm not involved in any difficultie with ur pc). But normally it's very easy. You find enough gides in google or youtube on how to install remis OS as second operating system on ur computer. I tested it and it works perfectly. I tried android simulators or virtual box. But these machines don't recognize ur usb port or are very very slow. The remix OS recognizes ur usb port smooth on any pc. I tried it and it worked immidiatly. Note: If you have windows 10 like me and you wanne install with the remix os iso file you may need to disable secure boot. Just search on internet or youtube to disable secure boot. After that restart and u can install remix OS next to ur first operating system (in my case it was windows 10). Also make sure ur really make another partition to install ur remix OS. so basically do these steps and it will work perfectly: 1) make new partition from about 10 gig or more. (search on youtube or google) on how to do this. 2) download the remix OS setup and iso file 3) install it on the partition u made (it may be needed us disable secure boot in ur bios) 4) boot in remix OS install the spider App and connect ur spider amp 5) bam just to make clear i'm not involved in any difficulty you have when installing ur second operating system. But normally if you follow the steps it is very simple and goes very smooth without any problem. greets, Jero
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