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  1. Thank you very much to you all, your tips are very valuable for me :-) Have a nice days !
  2. Hello to you all of the Line 6 forums. I recently purchased a Variax Guitar Standard and, in amazement, I found neither in the package, either on the site of Line 6 the factory specs to be able to adjust the setup of the guitar better. Tech support tells me that it can not be published for various reasons, and if there is need for special adjustments, send them the guitar; good support, no doubt, but I'm used to from 30 years to have it set me my bass and my guitars and I wanted to continue on this way. I'd like to share your settings with regard to the relief of the neck, the action of the strings at the bridge, the gauge of strings that lmounted the thickness and, in general, what are the measurements that have given you more satisfaction with the pick-up piezo under the bridge in order to make the most possible simulations. This kind of guitar, for me, is something new that I never got to approach first: any help, advice eyes all of you will be really pleasant ;-)))
  3. Hi again BigChas52, I've installed my UX2 and everything is working fine... Thank you very much again for your suggestion and for your patience :-)
  4. Hi BigChas52, Thank you very much for your kind support. I'll open a support ticket as you suggest, for now, i simply want to use UX2 as i've stated in my post and, as you say, should it be possible...
  5. I humbly apologize, surely this topic has been addressed many times, but I'm still very confused about what should I do to install (on my new laptop) my UX2 to use it with the PodFarm 2.5. From the page of my account, I see that my current situation is as follows: You currently are using 2 out of 4 active devices. You currently are using 10 out of 10 lifetime devices. If you run the License Manager, on the "My Computer" page it tells me this last one is not authorized (and if I try to do, it tells me that I no longer have permissions available), if I go to the page of my UX2 it tells me that the card is authorized ... If I launch PodFarm 2.55, everything works without any problems... Now, I ask you, kindly, can I install my UX2 with PodFarm 2:55 on my new computer? I do not care PodFarm standalone, I want to use PodFarm only with my UX2. What I'm not clear in my head? Please help me ...
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