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  1. Thanks for the info and opinions guys. I think that part of the problem was me trying to import the exact original parameters from the xt live. The bones of it are there but so much else is different between the two pods... I gotta put a freeze on my ocd nature and just use the original as a reference instead of a mirror. The deep editing did help as well as trying a different cab. Im hovering between the treadplate 4x12 with a 67 cond and the uber 4x12 with a 412 dyn or 67 cond. Cheers!
  2. So I was highly jazzed from finding out that the line6 aggro was included in the hd metal pack. Love that amp in my pod xt live and felt that nothing in the hd500x compared to it. I bought and downloaded the upgrade and got to fiddlin. Soon came to the opinion that the newer version seemed a lot muddier than my original- and this is just through headphones, by the way. Is there something I can adjust to get the brighter sound back? Maybe the deep editing on the amp settings needs to be tweaked? Tried somewhat with this but to no avail. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Having trouble installing this software on my mac- osx 10.5.8 Error reads "Installer could not extract files from package for line 6 midi driver" Anyone have this happen?
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