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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It works now using instant commands with CC messages with snapshots. Safes also a few buttons. A pitty my first scenario does not function like I thought. I was used to it using the G system.
  2. Here is the situation; I do run the Helix into an Engl Invader. Use tree foot switches to activate the Amps' Bright, High Gain and Master Volume AB via midi CC toggle. Works fine. But when I activate one of each footswitches, let's say Hi Gain, and then go to another snapshot the amp stays in the same mode. The new snap shot has not an active Hi Gain footswitch. From there on the function of the assigned Hi Gain footswitch works in reverse. When the light is on, so activated Hi Gain function, the Hi Gain on the amp is off and vice versa. Why does the Midi CC toggle function not reset the value during snapshot changes? Is there a way around this?
  3. Is this possible via 6Link? The boost function is set to on in a lot of HD pre amps by default. It would be nice to have this function accesible via one of the ia swichtes of the hd500x.
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