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    L2. vs L3.

    Thanks bsd512 !!!
  2. Pa11

    L2. vs L3.

    Hey Everyone: I did use the search function, but I have a question about these two products in regards to a solution to my helix. I have an opportunity to purchase either box for about the same price, Play in rock bands (heavier stuff). Has anyone compared these two cabinets side by side? I loved the sound of the L3 but the L2 is a smaller footprint (which I like and I could only try the L3). for guitar only would I notice a lack of low end/headroom? would it sound the same? sound thin? I tried the power cab and its very nice but it didn't 'jive' with me. Thank you. Patt.
  3. Pa11

    2x12 v30+creamback IR?

    I use MixIR. it works awesome for blending and auditioning a ton of 's fast
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