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    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    Hi I've been having "problems" with my Veta II Combo as well; and by "problems" I mean "I turn on the amp and all I get is the 2 display screens lit up solid orange and thats it." I've searched as many variations of "Line 6 Vetta II Problem" and it seems like for some reason, it has to do with the firmware - specifically, that the firmware required to make this... well... a Line 6 Vetta II Combo, isn't there. Its like putting a PC together and not installing any OS. The thing is, due to my lack of tech-savviness, I tend to be very very careful with what I do, should I need to do it. I purchased my Vetta II (and the FBV Shortboard) new, back in 2006. Since then I have used it exclusively at my home studio, and I've taken very good care of it, as I do with all my other equipment. It never left the house and the only time it moved, was when I literally moved it a couple of inches to one side of the new console I had purchased. I've made extensive - maybe even exclusive - use of the DI's for recording, since I had to record a lot threat the night. Of all things, I never worried about the amp. However that al changed a couple of weeks back (maybe like 2+months ago): I plugged my guitar in, just as I had done countless times, except this time I decided to restore the amp to factory settings first. I followed everything to a T. It should have worked and it didnt. I am now left with, like a poster before me said, a coffee table with lights. Nothing works. I've of course re-read the manual over and over, gone online trying to find something, hooked the amp to midi, got the latest version of Monkey/Edit etc.... nothing works. I wanted to make sure I did all that before I posted this. I need to know if this can be fixed. Can I get the firmware? If so, how - specifically - can I do that? I really loved that amp. I bought the first generation POD Line 6 released. I sold it only because the 2.0 came out and I bought that as well. I then purchased the XT Live, and finally, after a *long* time spent saving up etc, I got the Vetta II, and I never intended to buy another amp again, because - simply put - this amp had everything I needed. I spent countless hours over the years tweaking my sound, experimenting with new sounds, and I recorded 2 albums with that amp alone for every single guitar part. I'm not bragging or anything, I'm just depressed over this. I'd get a kick out of people telling me how modelling amps suck, whilst listening to one of my tracks, thinking its a JCM800 mic'd up with an SM58. Yeah its subjective, but thats how much I love this amp and had no good reason to add to it. Then I saw the Helix. I love the concept. I would gladly get one. Now, I just don't know. If this could happen to my amp, and its completely unfixable, that could happen to the Helix. I also want to state that this post is not intended to offend anyone here, or at Line 6 etc. If I come across that way, I sincerely apologise. I *want* to believe in this company and the products they make. But this is really driving me crazy. Also - and I get it, it sounds cheesy but I'm sure some will identify - but when I say I'm depressed, I really am. At not being able to play or record guitar. There are other personal matters in my life that are anything but positive. Playing music is the way I stay alive and sane. So to me, this amounts to much more than a broken amp. Hopefully that makes sense. From what Ive been reading on the forums etc, it seems like I'm really not going to be able to remedy this situation. I don't usually write online on forums and certainly not to this extent. I just figured that I'd already tried everything but this - this post - and so here I am, trying my best. Still hoping, fingers crossed, but at the same time, I almost don't even want to post this. I'm just sad. If anyone can help me resolve this, if anyone has any advice, anything at all relating to this subject, I'd *really* appreciate it. I'm not a wealthy person and when my one and only amp breaks down, I can't just go get a replacement without months of saving - and thats being optimistic. Also if it helps, I'm using a Mac Pro running OS X (10.10.3). The MIDI interface is a MOTU FastLane USB. Also, I live outside of the US. Thanks for your time, Trevor