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  1. I have the exact same problem, and I think it is the same as the volume drop problem, because it seems that the problem it´s in the knobs, for some reason they provoke settings changes, I can´t believe after so many years no one has found a fix for this. I´ve been thinking if changing the knob potentiometers with some new-better quality ones could solve this issue? What are your thoughts? I already opened the amp and cleaned the knobs and all the wire connections and the problem remains.
  2. suedehead thanks for the answer, and yes, both last questions are maybe obvious, I just wanted to check, just to be sure my unit wasn´t damage, even if answers where obvious, but the thing that is not clear to me yet is the hiss noise, as I´m using a normal guitar combo amps I use the plug 1/4 output to go into amp, the hiss noise is there even when I´m touching the strings, so it´s has nothing to do with that, what I meant was that the hiss noise it´s not loud enough to ear it when I´m playing, but once I stop, even when touching the strings, the hiss it´s really noticeable. It sounds like if I had a really high gain amp or distortion sound active, and with a compressor making the noise even more noticeable, and without a gate keeping the noise out, but the thing is that I turn off the amp, and all pedals, even reverbs, delays and modulations, having only the sound of the guitar going thru the Firehawk completely clean, and the hiss sound it´s still there. Turn any effect on or off doesn´t seem to affect that hiss noise at all, moving settings in any function of the Firehawk doesn´t change anything either, the hiss sounds remains the same volume and intensity, and if I press the button to change to Line Output Mode, instantly gets completely quiet. Maybe it´s not a major issue, and I could live with that, it´s just a little annoying, and I just want to be sure if there´s anything wrong with my unit
  3. Ok thanks, I´ve been testing and it´s not noticeable when I´m playing, especially in a rehearsal with all the band, but once I stop playing there it is, that noticeable hiss noise, and if I use it in Line Out Mode it´s completely quiet. gimmickmusik or anyone: hope you can help me with two questions: 1. Have you noticed that if you change the output mode from Line to Amp the volume gets lower? Is that normal? I had a POD 500X before and I don´t remember any difference, but maybe I´m wrong. 2. When I use Amp Output Mode headphones stop working, they only work in Line Output Mode. Is that normal too?
  4. Well I wanted to try my Firehawk with a regular amp, a Vox AC30vr and a Marshall combo to test how it sounds with the Amp simulations and cabinets off and use the Firehawk just as a regular multi fx pedal just for effects and overdrives, and the problem is that in Amp Output Mode I get a really noticeable hiss noise that I can´t get rid off, I turned off all the effects and still there is to much noise. With the Line Output mode I have no problem with noise, but it does´t sound good with a regular amp, so the question would be is this normal? Or there is something wrong with my unit??? Someone has tested Amp Output Mode and noticed any hiss noise? Not even a little? Should I send my unit to warranty service?
  5. Even if you use an amp that it´s not HD? Like the Bogner X-TC, or Line 6 Super Clean, or the JC-120? They will sound different? Obviously HD modeling it´s a different modeling technology, but all the other ones should sound the same, don´t they?
  6. Hi guys, I´ve been playing live with a Flexton III 1x12 for 6 years now, but like a month ago it was stolen, and I miss the sound so much, people always was amazed on how good it sounded, even friends that are valve purist were really surprised and loved my tone. So giving the good mouth flavor that Line 6 left on my mouth, I went for another Line 6 product, a POD HD500x but I didn´t like it at all, I don´t know why, to many scooped mid-high frecuencies that sounded awful playing live, and I ended up selling it. So I want some advice, I´m thinking to buy a Firehawk Fx that has the same the old models too, the non-HD ones, or even going for a POD X3 because as much as I loved the Flextone sound, I missed some effects like Pitch Bender, Smart harmony, and others, so this new products have a bigger list of effects, and it´s suposed to be the same sound. So what do you think? Should I go for a used Flextone and just keep things exactly as they where before, and maybe add a Whammhy pedal in front of the amp? Or do you think that I could achieve the same sound if I go for a Firehawk FX using the regular amp models, or a POD X3 with the FVB Shortboard MKII? I ask this because I've tried the PODFarm PC software, and I feel that some of the amps sound the same, but some others I feel like they sound diferent, like the Marshall stuff, it sounds extremely bright (but not in a good way) like really fizzy, digital, plastic, like a toy, and they doesn't sound like that in the Flextone, even if they aren't really accurate to the real amps, they sound warmer, and fatter, more usable. So that's why I'm a little affraid that a Firehawk, or a POD X3, even that they are suposed to have the same amp models, could sound different. Sometimes I feel that the Flextone has a magic on it's own that makes it really special and good sounding, but still has less effects and options than the newer stuff. So, any recomedations?
  7. Ok thanks, now I´m just waiting for the unit to arrive home
  8. Thanks for the answer. I still want to recreate some good tones that I had with my Flextone III using the old amps, and now I feel more secure that I´m going to be able to recreate those tones, and still have the HD models to further tone creation. Thanks!
  9. Just a question: Those patches that made you happy (clean, cruch and lead) did you use HD models? Or the old XT, POD Farm, etc... sounds?
  10. I bought the HD Fully Loaded Pack at normal price 99 dollars
  11. I,m going to sell my POD HD500x, what happens with the HD models packs? Can they be transfered to the new owner? That´s why I don´t know if asking for a refund or pass them to the new owner
  12. Instructions only says to ask for a refund ticket, but I don´t see an option, or do I have to sent an email or something?
  13. By the way I ended up buying a Tech 21 Power Engine 60, thanks for the advice ppiluk. And also I ended up selling the POD HD500X, and I´m going to buy a Firehawk FX :)
  14. I´ve already bought the HD Fully Loaded Bundle, but I´m going to sell my POD HD500X and I want a refund, it´s only been a few days since the buy. How do I ask for a refund ticket, someone knows?
  15. Thanks for the answers, I know that the HD are the best models available of Line 6, but still, there are 2 or 3 really good sounding amps that are not HD, and I can´t return the POD HD because I live in Mexico and stores don´t do that :/ I would have to sell it on ebay for example, and then get a new Firehawk, but still, I´m going to download the extra HD models that includes the JC 120, and give it a try for some time, and keep the POD HD, the only downside is that I can only see payment with Paypal and Paypal allways gives me trouble, I can´t make the payment when everything it´s alright with my credit card. Thanks for the help to everyone that took the time to comment.
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