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  1. I have a JTV 59. I like the feel of an unfinished neck better though. So I had the neck sanded down and reshaped to something a little more comfortable for me. I’m lucky to have a guy in my neighborhood who builds guitars for some pretty famous dudes. Anyway, a good luthier could do the job without a problem and it’s not too costly. I bought mine secondhand though, so no warranty issues for me.
  2. Turns out I had inadvertently left a stomp assigned to the same switch I assigned CC Toggle to. Hence, green display rather than the proper grey color. I've been forcing myself not to use editor so I could get used to the physical unit. I think that's when I messed up. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks, that’s exactly what I did. I appreciate the response!
  4. Here’s an example. Two different acoustic patches with no stomps assigned. Identical cc toggle setup for each. The only difference is one shows up grey while the other color coordinates so to speak.
  5. Thanks for the responses. It is the Helix LT. When in snapshot mode(4 snaps and 4 stomps), I have a foot switch configured to CC toggle an external unit. The stomp slot display remains B&W while the ring corresponds to whatever color has been chosen. I chose green because I was triggering a delay. Now... the thing is that there have been a few times where the stomp slot display does sync color with the foot switch. Just curious as to whether I might be doing something inadvertently. Thanks again and I hope this is a little more clear.
  6. Hey there. I’m a new guy here. My issue seems to be a possible bug. What is happening is I’m creating CC on Helix foot switch to control on/off on voice live 3 delay. This works! The bug is as follows: The led ring on switch changes to desired color, but display block only on occasion has matched the color. More often than not, it remains white regardless of whatever color I choose. Anybody have insight? Thanks in advance.
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