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  1. Hello all, DISCLAIMER: not from an english speaking country ;-) I recently changed the strings on my new shuriken. I have gone from whatever the previous owner had on, to the "heavy bottom, skinny top" strings. These are a little bit thicker, and have therefore made the action to high. I have tried to adjust the neck tension with the trussrod but i am still not able to finde that sweet spot. I have consideret lowering the individuel saddles, but in that case, i have a few questions. 1. there is 2 screws for each saddle, how should i adjust it? 2. Under the saddles, there is something silver going from the body to the saddle. I assume that this is for the "pickups" that do all the magic. Can i do any damage to these by adjusting the saddles? I really would like to get it adjustet as fast as possible. I am not playing that much when it does'nt feel right. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello all, just bought a used (but pretty new) shuriken. And my god, i love it already. Anyways, i have updated it, at reset the factory settings and patches. And when i connect it to my computer, all the patches look correct. But when i connect it to my firehawk though the variax cable and look at the patch. it does not look correct. For example, it says, "semi 1" as the guitar model, but on the guitar i have chosen the Lester 1. Is there anything i can do to fix this? It is like, it did not "erase" the old pachtes the previous user had made.
  3. Hello all, I am considering buying the Firehawk FX (used). But I am have some questions that I hope you can answer. I know that you can use your local music library from your phone or tablet. But what if you use Spotify? I have not bought music since the launch of Spotiy in Denmark. Regarding question nr. 1. There is no AUX input. Does this mean that I cannot play music through or can I use the FX return for this? My pc is not fast enough to do any recording on. But I am thinking about using my Samsung galaxy tab s3 (tablet) and Audio evolution mobile studio app. Do any of you have any experience with this? The firehawk should be supported. I have a Boss Katana 50. Should i just plug it in to the front or not use the amp at all, and plug into my home stereo or use headphones? Can i download any more amps and effects or is there no more than there already is installed? Thank you
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