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  1. Well the reason the Mac driver sucks for the US-1800 is because it uses some low level kernel drivers and not core audio so it does perform well but cannot be aggregated for extra inputs. As far as it not working well for you in windows is very possibly due to Apple drivers. Open your task manager and kill kbdmgr.exe and disable your wireless in device manager and let me know.
  2. Yeah Monkey has me download Pod Farm 2.55 but it's not Platinum so there are only a few amps. So you don't get the Platinum upgrade for free?
  3. I have owned the UX8 for many years and everytime I have upgraded PC's and got everything installed my Pod Farm 2 is only ever some lite version with a few amps. I was reading recently that Platinum with all the amps is suppose to come with the UX8 so what's the deal?
  4. Well just for recording the 16 in and 4 out on the new US-1800 fills the void I was having with the UX8 but the band has also been using the UX8 live for several years. The problem we always had with it though was not enough ins and outs where we would have to submix crap through a rack mixer and then have no remote control over it so I just picked up the tascam to try and remedy the situation. What I am looking at in a live environment is enough ins for everything and the same # of outs to feed to house + 2 for stage. What it comes down to though is Line 6 made a good driver for mac and not windows, where as Tascam did the opposite and the Mac driver is junk. So if I had two UX8's I would be able to accomplish this in OS X, or if I had two US-1800's it would be possible in WIndows. I would rather use neither and run Linux but once again these companies will not support it so all efforts in a usable driver is from reverse engineering. Anyway I came up with my own hack / workaround allowing me to have 22 inputs and 10 outputs by running a couple different programs simultaneously. Now I can plug the Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Mandolin, Violin & Accordion / Keys all into the UX8 with individual outs and 1 master out through the digital interface to the Tascam where I will have all my mics plugged.
  5. The asio ux8 panel has them all but... I want to be able to use both interfaces together. I need the UX8 to be able to run gearbox or pod farm, plus I need the outputs. The Tascam is great that it has 16 in but then with it there is only 4 out. I now see why there are only 2 listed because that is the WDM driver lacking all the ins & outs, where as the Tascam drivers have all the ins & outs in the WDM version as well. Does any previous versions of the driver software have all the ins & outs in the WDM? If I don't boot into Windows and use Mountain Lion I can go to create aggregate device but then the Tascam does not show up. SO... Mac can aggregate my UX8 and internal sound card or Windows can aggregate my Tascam and internal sound through asio4all but Not what I need Looks like I'm screwed unless Line 6 or Tascam writes better drivers which I don't see happening.
  6. So I have used this UX8 for quite some time on a Win XP machine but I recently got a new Laptop with Win7. I have installed the latest drivers, monkey, software. If I go to the different audio devices in control panel it says the the TonePort is only 2 in 2 out. I also just bought a Tascam device to add more ins & outs and it shows the proper # of ins and outs. I installed asio4all so that I could do what is known as an aggregated device in the Mac world. Asio4all is also reporting 2 ins and 2 outs yet the Tascam has the proper #. Somebody please tell me what is up with this? I have attached a screenshot.
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