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  1. Putting the pickups in wasn't all that tough, but the part that was the toughest was getting them to use the same output jack/volume/5-way switch. TTYTT, I would have to research it all again to remember what wires I cut/spliced into. If you are ok with using tools like drills, routers, chisels, etc. it's not that hard to do that part. You can get a loaded pickguard (or an unloaded one if you want to use specific brand pickups) from guitarfetish.com for cheap, but you have to cut it to fit the variax. The p'ups I got with mine sounded really good so I didn't bother going with one of the high-end brands. I moved my volume pot to where the volume usually goes on the strat pickguard, moved the tone pot into where the volume was and put a blend/balance pot where the tone was. This is what lets me go between the variax electronics and the magnetic pickups. There is some limitations because of the 5 way switch is wired to both. If I want to use a variax setting that is in the "neck" position, I can only blend with the neck pickup, etc. but I usually just use one or the other, don't really blend them.
  2. No, normal passive pickups don't require batteries or the floor pedal. But if you are going to also use the Variax electronics, you will still need batteries/power to operate those. I have mine set up with a balance/blend pot so I can use either, but if I don't plug it into the power supply it kinda just acts as a volume control.
  3. Well, it had failed me a few times playing out and I wanted to have a "backup". I really think the pickguard really changes the look of the guitar.
  4. So while I had my 500 apart to fix some solder points, I modded it to have regular pickups as well. I routed out space for an HSS configuration, customized a strat pickguard and installed a balance/blend pot to go between the two. Took me a while but it works great.
  5. If you take your time and learn what everything does, you can do it. When I took mine apart to fix some solder points that had messed up, I decided to go ahead and install some P'ups in it as well. You just gotta take your time and not get in a hurry. I will post a pic in a new thread.
  6. I am using the floor pedal with the TRS cable. Same issue occurs with different, TRS cable, floor pedal, and power adapter. It works fine on the battery. Well, I hope it's not the jackplate because that was what line6 was supposed to have replaced one of the times I sent it back...But since it is still not fixed, I guess it is on me... I really enjoy this guitar but the poor customer service I have received made me decided a few years ago I would never buy another L6 product.
  7. I am having the same issue. I believe mine to be a shorted wire, as I can "jiggle" the wires and sometimes it starts working.
  8. So I put my Variax 500 away for a while because it was messed up, now I have decided to fix it. When hooked up to the pedal it gets power then loses it, then it gets power, then it loses it. You get the idea. With the back off of the electronics, you can "jiggle" the wires and it starts working again. sometimes. So I am fairly certain it is a short in the wiring. Can I buy a new wiring harness for this thing or do I have to make one myself? Please no "take it to your service center" or "send it to Line6". I took it to a service center (1.5 hours away-and waited 6 months) when it first messed up, then sent it back to line 6 three times and they did not fix it either. That's why it was put away. Plugging a wiring harness in and soldering a few items is not rocket surgery. If anyone knows what connectors and type of wire I need, please let me know. Thanks, Lama
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