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  1. OK, a question: The Firehawk's pedal is a volume pedal by default. It controls the final output of the unit. However... I'd sure like to assign it to the input gain -the signal strength into the unit, pre-FX, so that when I back off the pedal, the gain into the Amp Sim is attenuated. Is there a way to do that? Thanks...!
  2. OK, Line6 got me straightened out, despite this being a used unit off of craigslist with no coverage. Thanks L6!
  3. Greetings, I picked up a used Firehawk, and I'm trying to get the app working. I've used the app before - I borrowed a Firehawk to check it out, and the app worked fine. Now, I'm trying to use it with this new one, and oh jeez... Of course, it won't let me do anything till I log in. OK, except that I don''t have the password I used. So, I hit the "Forgot Your Password?" button...it wants my email address and username. So I give it the address, and what I think might be the username. Hit the Reset button, and... "Error Unable to reset password". There is, of course, no "Forgot Username ?" button. Any hints on what to try next would be appreciated, and thanks in advance..
  4. Greetings, I'm running Pod Farm 2 with an old Toneport, on a 2009 Mac Pro 8-core, OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan). L6 Monkey is up-to-date (v 1.75), and is showing all installed L6 products as up-to-date (Drivers, PF 2, License Mgr.). The problem: Upon starting up the computer, PF 2 does not work - doesn't pass or process audio (guitar into the TP's Inst input). The setup I'm trying to load is well-tested, works fine (when working). I CAN get it working: Quit out of PF 2, unplug and replug the TP's USB cable, wait several minutes, then restart PF 2. This usually (but not always) gets it working. This, obviously, is not ideal. For years, I'd just start PF 2 (or Gearbox before that) and everything just worked. Now, not so much. Seems I'm missing something, and I figured I'd ask here before bugging L6 support on it. Thanks for any help....
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