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  1. Oh right, yes everything was selected to be restored. I created the backup right before updating so it was the latest one yes. I updated from version 2.8 for what it’s worth
  2. I did restore from a backup after the update, but didn’t know about anything specific to the Globals. Is that a separate restore or something?
  3. I found the issue. Putting this here in case anyone runs into the same. Under Global Settings the EXP 2/EXT AMP setting was set to EXP 2 in. Setting it to EXP AMP out resolved it.
  4. After updating my Helix LT to version 3.11 the external amp switching is no longer working. I assigned button 5 and 6 to ring and tip respectively. My EXT AMP output is going into the back of a Mesa Boogie Mark V combo. Before the update the channel switching was working. I followed the update instructions, including the factory reset. Anyone have any ideas?
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