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  1. So I just checked this thread again today after dealing with the DT50. Tomorrow I'm picking up a used DT25 that I had to wait on because the dealer listed it online while it went to the local repair shop. So the used DT50 I bought went back to Guitar Center. They were great at working with me to be fair. I bought the DT50 used, got it home, and found the popping problem. I took it back to Guitar Center where I showed them the problem. They agreed that was bad. We tried the same thing on a new DT25 and found no issues. They did not have a new DT50 in stock that day. When I returned to pick up my DT50 post repair shop visit, I was told they found nothing wrong. As a bonus, Guitar Center had the DT50 head, 1x12, and 2x12 all in stock new and a DT25 combo. Tried all 5 amps (my used DT50, and the 3 new DT50s, and the new DT25). All DT50s exhibit the same problem. The sound cuts out momentarily and there are pops and crackles. The DT25 just clicks and is immediately on the new sound every single time. Anyway. I returned the DT50. I found a killer deal on a used DT25. I will go pick up the DT25 tomorrow. I wanted the DT50 because I feel the DT25 will have trouble when clean getting over the drums, but I'm now working on the thought that I can always buy a second DT25. There is also a chance I will go to StageSource for a live monitor and only use the DT25 for recording. I will report back his weekend on what I think. I'm very excited as while I was waiting on the amp, I bought 2 JTV-89 hardtail guitars which I absolutely love playing. Now if Line 6 will just get wireless VDI out, I'll be all set.
  2. So after your suggestion that the relays may be sticky, I spoke to a Line 6 authorized repair center. They said that doesn't sound right. Since I'm well within my 30 days at Guitar Center, the amp is going back to them tomorrow. I will demonstrate the problem to them and try to get them to repair it. I'd they claim it is normal, I will just return it. Thanks for the help spaceatl.
  3. I am away from home right now, so I put in the HD500 firmware version from the last press release I could find. I do have the latest which my brain says is 2.2x but I couldn't find a reference regarding that. I appreciate the rest of the info, but this is far more severe than the normal switch from A to AB. If I disconnect the HD500 and connect my guitar to the front and set one channel to Top 3 Class A and the other to Top 4 Class AB, I still get the pop but it's much less severe and I don't really notice the sound cut out. Please understand that I have specific directions above to reproduce and that is this VERY severe in terms of how long the guitar is cut out and how loud the pop is. This problem is not reproducible without the HD500 connected via L6 Link.
  4. Before I describe my problem, I want to point out that I have read about latency and popping on the DT50 when changing topologies. I think my problem is more severe than normal, and I have done my best to describe the issue and how to reproduce it clearly below. Products involved: POD HD500 w/Firmware 2.1 connected to DT50 1x12 Combo w/Firmware 2.0 via L6 Link. The POD and DT50 were both set to factory settings and presets. I recently purchased a used DT50 and connected it to my HD500 that I purchased new years ago after I update the firmware on both. When changing presets on my HD500, I hear significant, sometimes severe, pops on the DT50. If anyone would like to attempt to reproduce my problem and give me feedback on their results, it would be a huge help. Specifically, when I change from the factory preset of 6A - Mysterious Wei under the Songs / Style bank to 6B - Plugged In Baby under the Songs / Style bank, the amp makes one loud pop and a second smaller pop and the sound cuts out for a second or more. This problem is extremely noticeable because of the loud pops combined with no guitar sound. I know part of this is from a topology change and a class A to AB change, but this is far more severe than anything I would expect from reading the forums previously. My questions for the forums regarding this issue: Can anyone reproduce this problem with a DT50 known to be in good working order with good tubes and an HD500 connected using the same preset change I mentioned above? Any suggestions to minimize this issue? Is there a problem with my DT50? Is this a sign of worn tubes that need replaced? Is this considered normal operation for the DT50, or does it need looked at by a technician? Finally, if anyone out there has a DT25, would you mind trying to reproduce this on your DT25 and reporting your experience? I have read that the DT25 is much better with switching than the DT50. I greatly appreciate assistance. If needed, I will try to post a sound clip of the problem, but I will not be able to do that until Friday or Saturday. This is my first tube amp I've ever owned after many years of playing guitar. I enjoy the sound so much that I hope I can find a solution to minimize this issue. Thanks, Baoh
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