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  1. We use Amazon 2400 mAh batteries in all our Line 6 wireless gear. We have five V70 and V75 mics, three G50's and a G70 - the Amazon own brand batteries work in everything with no issues at all. Battery life is longer than any of our rehearsal sessions - so five hours at least. We have a "smart charger" so everyone sticks their batteries on to charge when they leave and they are ready for the next practice without being overcooked. Works rather well. Cheers Mik
  2. Hi Yes - but I was being cheap. Rather than buying a G70 cable and replacing the normal jack with a silent jack, I just wanted to buy the locking jack. I think its a Switchcraft but the only locking ones I can find are TRS. No issues now though - I have gone down your route. Cheers Mik
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a 6.35mm (1/4) Jack with a screw lock for the G70 transmitter? To explain: I haven't got it yet but I am replacing my old but trustworthy G50 with a new G70. On the G50, I made a cable with a Silent Jack on the guitar end and wanted to do the same for the G70. However, I notice that the G70 has a locking screw type jack on the transmitter end. Anyone know where I can get those as I cant find them anywhere.. Ta Mik
  4. Hi The title sort of says it all.. Can I use a G70/G75 to update the firmware on the rest of my bands Relay and XD microphone systems? Cheers Mik
  5. My problem turned out to be cable issues - so absolutely nothing to do with the DT head at all. Morale of this story is to make sure that you go back to absolute basics when fault finding! Now I feel a bit dumb but at least everything works..
  6. I have just had a similar problem with my DT50. The only thing that has changed is that I upgraded the firmware on my HD500. I powered up the amp and then plugged my HD500 in. A few relay clicks later, the DT50 went silent. I can just about hear it if I turn everything up full. Bugger bugger bugger....
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