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  1. Prerequisites : HX Stomp FW 3.0, HX Edit 3.0. Problem : While I could import most presets without a problem, some presets are imported empty - the name is imported, but no other data. It only happens with presets that I previously edited in HX Stomp on FW 2.92. If I would create a new preset, export it and import it again, it works fine.
  2. Thanks, that fixed it! I had an older HX Edit 2.92 dmg and after deleting it and re-downloading new dmg it installed correctly
  3. Hello, I have downloaded latest version of HX Edit for Mac, but upon trying to install it, it shows that it's installing 2.92. I continued the installation and indeed, it installed 2.92 and not 3.0. I was able to update to 3.0 on my HX Stomp without a problem, but HX Edit still shows version 2.92.
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